Language Insight is proud to announce the launch of a professional partnership with WPML. This will allow Language Insight to continue delivering high-quality translation to businesses across the globe who are looking to translate their content into multi-language markets.

Translating through WPML

WordPress is the leading web content management system (CMS) used by millions of businesses to reach new audiences around the world. As companies expand globally it’s important to reach and engage with new audiences. Through the use of WPML significant time and recourses can be saved when it comes to redeveloping and localising an existing WordPress website.

There’s a lot of multi-language WordPress plugins available that use machine translation to translate content, but not many integrate the human element that WPML incorporates as professional translation. The integration of human translation ensures high quality and efficient management of content throughout the translation process.

The WPML plugin is easy to install and requires no technical knowledge or programming skills to get it up and running for your website translation needs.

Advantages of WPML

  • User-friendly and easy to manage
  • No technical or programming skills needed
  • Works with most WordPress themes
  • Is a powerful translation management tool
  • Keeps your CMS secure – you control what is translated without giving access to the contents of your website
  • No need to export and import text
  • Has a professional support helpline

WPML allows your business to communicate its brand messages globally and personally connect with audiences around the world which helps to break down the language barrier and build relationships.

Read our step by step guide on how to get started with the WPML plugin or contact us for more information.