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We are trusted and recommended by medical and consumer market research
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We are proud to announce that many of our clients repeatedly say we are the best in the industry at working with online surveys.

That’s why they work with us on surveys of all different shapes and sizes in vast numbers of languages and trust us to deliver the results they and their clients need.

Moving your survey online

After translation, the first stage of getting your survey online is for our in-house engineer to review the file you generate from your survey platform.

This will likely be an XML, XLATE or XLIFF file, depending on the survey tool you use, although we work with many other formats as well. Decipher, Confirmit and Dimensions are popular platforms for our clients.

Our experienced market research project management teams can advise you on the formats we can work with, depending on the platform you are using; contact us now for help with your project.


We’re all about quality

Our in-house team of online specialists carefully insert the translations into the files, making sure all pipes and web codes are handled properly before they are ready for your programmers to upload.

Reviewing the survey in full before it’s published is the most important stage of an online survey translation project, in our view.

That’s why we insist on link checking. Our teams of native specialists check the link twice to ensure the survey navigates as expected and the translations are appropriate in the context of the complete survey.

Working in this way means you get a good quality link with translations you can trust.

In addition to our online services, we have many specialised services which we have tailored for the quantitative market research sector. Contact our friendly project management teams now to see how we can help you with your market research language needs.


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