We are the UK's leading provider of transcription and translation services to a large number of UK and overseas police forces, including the Royal Military Police.

The daily volumes we receive include MG11s and MG15s to transcribe, with extensive information security requirements, due to sensitive content such as child protection interviews.

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  • The nature of the work we undertake means data must be kept confidential and within stringent security conditions, as demanded by law enforcement agencies.
  • We had to rise up to a security challenge going beyond traditional linguistic services.
  • Our staff needed enhanced vetting before undertaking backlogged volumes of audio. The audio in digital and tape formats includes a wide range of accents across highly complex and challenging cases.


  • We have an extensive network of both in‑house high‑level vetted staff and vetted UK‑based typists who work through our secure web encrypted streaming application.
  • Our bespoke solutions allow for taped audios to be converted to digital format and made accessible to all typists in our UK network.
  • Our typists are selected based on experience with typing strong accents and other criteria.
  • Our staff and typists are security‑vetted to NPPV L2 as standard, with further clearance acquired based on project requirement.
  • Our secure encrypted workflow system enables high levels of security without compromising on timelines or increasing costs. We take security so seriously, we are now ISO 27001 accredited for the information security management systems we have in place.
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  • We're able to operate fast turnaround, large‑scale typing projects in a secure and timely manner, alleviating significant backlogs and the resulting issues.
  • We're able to maintain a quick turnaround with significant cost savings.
  • Clients can be assured that their transcripts are produced by the typist best suited to understanding the accents in the audio.
  • Our slick security vetting process allows us to speed up delivery times.
  • A secure and practical typing solution with no impact on costs or turnaround.

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We are the UK's leading provider of transcription, transcription and other language services for many UK and overseas police forces.

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