Legal Translation Services

We are committed to accuracy, security and quality and that’s why we are the trusted translation service provider for international law firms, corporate legal teams, solicitors and law enforcement agencies both in the UK and internationally.

Our qualified & highly-skilled linguists are ready to help you with all of your legal translation requirements, and our translation technology will allow you to manage multi-lingual content across Big Data, in a cost and time-efficient manner.

Legal Translation Services that always meet your needs

Human Translation & Certification

When you need accurate translations, our network of qualified and experienced legal linguists will ensure that your content is translated and proofread to the highest industry standards. Language Insight will also include a full Quality Assurance (QA) review before your content is returned.

Machine Translation with Post-Editing

Our Neural Machine Translation (NMT) with post-editing service helps you produce and present large volumes of data, which you have marked as relevant, without the costs or time constraints associated with full human translation.

Machine Translation (Raw Output)

The most suitable option for producing low-cost and quickly-translated content. This option will help your team discern the relevant from irrelevant content, without impeding your progress or impacting your client’s budget.


Human Translation

Our human translation services guarantee you receive translations of the highest quality as we only work with translators and proofreaders who are native speakers, highly qualified specialists in their field and have successfully passed our rigorous multi-tier recruitment process. Translations carried out by our team of linguists also go through a final quality check before being returned to you to give you total confidence.

Machine Translation with Post-editing

You have identified content that will be relevant to your case, but it needs to be translated within a limited timeframe and budget. Machine Translation with Post-Editing is the solution for you. In combination with our professional linguists, we can help reduce the time and costs associated with large volume translation, and produce a higher level of quality output so that you can present your data with confidence.

Machine Translation (Raw Output)

Neural Machine Translation is the best way to help you find relevant content, or disregard irrelevant content, within large volumes of multi-language data at a fraction of the price and the time that would be required for human translation. Our Neural Machine Translation supports more than 14 languages and can translate 100,000 words in seconds allowing you to be more cost and time-efficient.

Your data is in safe hands

We know and understand the importance of security and confidentiality when providing legal translation services. We are committed to protecting your data, which has been proven by our ISO 27001 information security management accreditation.

We are the sole users of our dedicated fibre leased broadband line for transferring all data and we ensure that all our files are returned to you via our secure client portal. We also have in‑office security procedures to guarantee all client data is safe and secure. To find out more about how our security systems benefit our clients, visit our security and confidentiality page.


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