With our audio eDiscovery solution, you can upload multiple audio files spanning hundreds or thousands of hours of audio to produce a single searchable online library. Using phonetic indexing, our system lets you perform exact and broad match word or phrase searches in seconds, with up to 90% confidence scores on the results.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘first pass’ review, using our system means that the otherwise unmanageable and hugely expensive task of listening to and transcribing thousands of hours of data can now become targeted and intelligence-led, allowing you to adhere to your budget and timelines.

Our expertise and experience

With over 12 years of experience in providing transcription services, we have continuously pushed technological boundaries whilst keeping security and quality as our top priorities.

We’ve developed this audio eDiscovery solution to enhance our clients’ work and provide significant advantages particularly to those of our clients who work with regulatory and legal discovery requests, where budgets and timelines can be tight and restricted.


Our Audio eDiscovery Software

Our audio e-Discovery software is able to handle over 40 different digital audio file types and multiple file types within one upload.

The additional technology that we’ve added can enhance speaker identification, add audio timestamping, diarisation and encryption.

Our solution can be tailored to your needs and delivers results in minutes not weeks while significantly reducing costs by up to 80% through the removal of full human transcripts of irrelevant audio files and data.

How does our Audio eDiscovery Technology work?

We have developed proprietary tools and systems that make use of acoustic pattern matching, also known as phonetic indexing.

Using keyword searches in exact or phonetically-similarly sounding words, our platform presents matches from the full data set alongside confidence scores to let you know how well the system estimates the result matches the searched key term.

With all the data stored in one large e-library, you can search for different keywords and phrases as many times as you need, across hundreds of files. When potential matches have been detected, you can listen and re-listen to that audio in a live digital environment and, if you decide that it is relevant to your case or matter, you can extract it to send to us for full human transcription.

This means that large volumes of audio data sets across hundreds of different files can be quickly and accurately analysed so that every small to medium-sized business has the opportunity to respond quickly and efficiently to intelligence-led regulatory or discovery requests which may have previously been cost or time-sensitive.

With cost and time savings of up to 80% in comparison to full human transcription, the ever-growing demand for this service has increased rapidly.

Deployed as Software as a Service (SaaS), our clients can decide where their data is held, i.e. the UK, US, Asia or other European locations, and use the service as and when they need it 24/7, every day of the year.


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