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In a world of cross-border collaboration and ever-expanding digital content, the challenges facing multinational companies and law firms are only becoming more onerous. For cross-border litigations, international arbitrations and investigations, Language Insight provides the expertise, translation technology, and support needed to alleviate many of the problems you can face when working with multilingual content.

When you require certified translation or transcription to help determine the relevance of your data sets, Language Insight can help select the right process at the right time. Our range of language services allows you to choose which service best suits your needs, whether that be our human translation or transcription service, our neural machine translation or automated-speech recognition service with post-editing, or solely the raw output NMT or ASR.

Here is how our fit-for-purpose Translation and Transcription Services can support you during the eDiscovery process…

Human Translation and Transcription by our team of qualified linguists

When you have identified the relevant content for your matter, our network of qualified, experienced linguists are here to translate or transcribe your data in line with our highest quality standards and within your deadline.

Machine Translation and Automated Speech Recognition with Post-editing

To help you understand, produce and present large volumes of multilingual content in a form that is closer to human translation or transcription, but still at a lower cost to fit your budget and with fewer time constraints, this option is for you.

Machine Translation and Automated Speech Recognition (Raw output only)

When you need to be certain that you can disregard irrelevant emails, electronic documents, presentations, meta-data, and audio/videos, this service translates/transcribes mass data without the usual costs of human translation or transcription.

Benefits of our Legal eDiscovery Support Service:


Language Technology

Language Insight owned Neural Machine Translation (NMT) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology designed to reduce costs and time for our clients.

Security & Quality

We are proud to be ISO 27001, 17001, and 9001 certified which means you are guaranteed a high-quality service with your content encrypted in transit and at rest.


We offer our clients support whenever and wherever it is needed. Our teams respond to any queries as quickly as possible and are here to advise you on your projects.

Our security makes us unique within the industry

We have designed and developed our set of bespoke systems to guarantee the complete safety of our clients’ data.

As a result, we have been awarded ISO 27001 for our ‘Information Security Management Systems’, which is the definitive standard for information security.

This well‑deserved award and recognition demonstrates our continuous commitment to data security, specifically client data, systems and processes.

Any data sent to us is transferred through a dedicated fibre broadband leased line, which is the same system used by the financial services sector. Our leased line is not shared with any other user and allows a private, dedicated flow of information, meaning secure data transfer is guaranteed at all times. We also have significant business continuity and backup solutions.


Our Audio eDiscovery Solution

With our Audio eDiscovery solution, you can upload multiple audio files spanning hundreds or thousands of hours of audio to produce a single searchable online library. Using phonetic indexing, our system lets you perform exact and broad match word or phrase searches in seconds, with up to 90% confidence scores on the results.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘first pass’ review, using our system means that the otherwise unmanageable and hugely expensive task of listening to and transcribing thousands of hours of data can now become targeted and intelligence-led, allowing you to adhere to your budget and timelines.

To find out more about the Language Insight approach, visit our Audio eDiscovery page.


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