Bridge the language barrier and communicate effectively with our range of interpreting services to suit all of your needs. Our high-quality interpreting services are perfect for consultations, business meetings and more.

We provide a range of interpreting services such as telephone interpreting, online interpreting and face-to-face interpreting.



Face-to-face Interpreting



Interpreting services for all of your needs

Factory visits, client calls, business meetings and conferences… there are many occasions when you may require an interpreter for you or your customers. With our high-quality interpreting services, you can bridge the language gap and communicate effectively as you negotiate a new business deal or welcome visitors to your office.

All our interpreters are highly trained and qualified and are experts in the fields they interpret. To make your interpreting project a success, we ask you to provide as much background material as possible in advance, to allow our interpreters to become accustomed to your company‑specific terminology.

To help you with your upcoming interpreting projects, we’ve listed some need‑to‑know facts in the below guide. Please contact us for further information or if you have any questions about how we can help you with your interpreting project.

Language Insight’s Interpreting Guide


Online interpreting services

Making use of web‑based video conference software, our interpreters can see any presentations that are shown, while interpreting simultaneously for delegates requiring language interpretation services, who listen via a telephone line or through their computer or mobile device.

Telephone interpreting services

When face‑to‑face interpreting is not an option, telephone interpreting is a practical choice. Using a conference call system, meeting participants and the interpreter are able to dial in and speak to one another as the linguist interprets after each person has spoken.

Face‑to‑face interpreting services

This is the most popular choice for conferences and meetings as the meeting participants and interpreters are together in the same room. Where possible, we use interpreters who are geographically closest to you, to minimise any travel expenses incurred.

Some useful interpreting definitions

Conference interpreting

The interpreter, or two interpreters for a long event, will sit in a soundproof booth at the back of the conference hall and interpret into a microphone. Meeting participants listen via a headset.

Consecutive interpreting

Useful in small and informal meetings, speakers pause at the end of their dialogue for the linguist to interpret what has been said.

Simultaneous interpreting

The linguist interprets at the same time as the speakers talk.

Whispered (chuchotage) interpreting

Useful for short meetings or factory visits, the interpreter sits next to the delegate or few delegates and whispers the translation at the same time as the speaker talks.

Simultaneous interpreting

The linguist interprets at the same time as the speakers talk.


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