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Translation company

5 things to consider when choosing a translation company

In a world that's more interconnected than ever before, the demand for translation services is soaring. ...

How does the Government “Reducing Net Migration” impact Language Service Providers in the UK? 

The UK government has decided to raise the earning threshold for overseas workers by 50% from ...
Why is translation important

Why is translation important?

In today's world, as connections grow stronger, borders become less defined, and cultures mingle, translation stands ...
translation into different languages

Translation vs. Transcription: What’s the difference?

In the realm of linguistics and communication, the terms "translation" and "transcription" often intertwine, leading to ...
NMT market research

How will Neural Machine Translation revolutionise Market Research?

The landscape of market research is undergoing a seismic shift with the rise of Neural Machine ...
2024 trends in translation industry

2024 Trends in the Translation Industry

In a world characterised by globalisation and digital interconnection, translation is a fundamental bridge between cultures ...
Chinese flag

10 facts about the Chinese language & culture

There are multiple languages spoken in China People sometimes take Chinese to be synonymous with Mandarin, ...
Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner around the world

The Christmas countdown has begun and there’s one thing that we are very excited about… the ...
Christmas songs

Popular Christmas songs from around the world

The anticipation for the Christmas number one is a big tradition in the UK and considered ...


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