Our unparalleled audio translation services save you time and money on all your transcription projects.
By transcribing directly into English, we eliminate the hassle and expense incurred from separate transcription and translation.


We are transcription experts

Our transcription teams have extensive experience transcribing a variety of audio recordings from different industries and areas and all our transcribers are experts in their field. With a finely‑tuned ear for detail, you can be assured that they capture all the elements of your audio recording in their transcript.

Transcribing directly into English, our linguists work on recordings from medical market research focus group interviews and one‑to‑one interviews to legal Interviews Under Caution (IUCs), business conference calls and much more.

Before transcripts are returned to you, they are subjected to our strict quality assurance process during which they are checked by another linguist meaning you receive clean, easy‑to‑read transcripts that you actually need.

What are the benefits of transcribing directly into English?

Many transcription agencies have a two‑stage approach to transcription from another language into English. They transcribe the audio in its native language before translating it into English. Working in this way increases both the costs for transcription and translation as well as the time required to complete the English transcript.

With our unparalleled direct approach to audio translation, we eliminate the hassle and expense that can be incurred and transcribe directly from the audio recording into English, meaning we only charge for transcription. We also include proofreading at no additional cost to ensure the final transcript meets our high‑quality standards.


What factors affect the project costs and timelines?

The number of speakers in a recording, the length of the audio and also the audio quality are important factors to consider when sending us a file for transcription. Additionally, a complex template may require longer to complete than a strict or intelligent verbatim Word transcript.

Reducing or eliminating background noise during the recording and considering the position and distance of the speakers from the microphone are useful things to bear in mind. A high‑quality recording helps us produce an accurate transcript.

Are you looking for transcription in another language? Our range of transcription services includes native multilingual transcription in another language and native English language transcription.


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