Legal Transcription Services

Whether you are supporting your client through a dispute and trying to make sense of countless audio hours or looking for a partner to help your Employee Relations department transcribe a grievance hearing, Language Insight can provide the support you need.

Our language capabilities

In addition to English legal transcription, through our network of transcribers, we can support more than 130 language combinations.

You can request a quote directly from us and a member of the team will be in contact to confirm exactly how we can help.


How can our Legal Transcription Services help you?

  • Language Insight has been supporting English and multi-language transcription for law firms, law enforcement, and government agencies for over 13 years, and so we know how important it is to have a partner that can provide fast, secure and accurate support.

    This is why our clients choose to partner with Language Insight: 

    • We work with a global network of professional multilingual transcribers
    • We provide fast turnaround times
    • We have the ability to work with any file format
    • Our flexible solutions support large volumes of content from investigations to short meetings
    • We have 13+ years of experience supporting legal, financial, corporate, healthcare and market research sectors
    • We guarantee secure control of your content at all times throughout the process and afterwards
    • We can work directly from your templates or create them for you based on your needs
    • We provide personal consultations for every project
    • You are guaranteed quality output you can rely on, with the highest level of accuracy, the correct use of acronyms and technical language

Our security makes us unique within our industry

We have designed and developed our set of bespoke systems to guarantee the complete safety of our client’s data. As a result, we have been awarded ISO 27001, the internationally‑recognised ‘Information Security Management Systems’ standard, which is the definitive standard for information security.

This well‑deserved award and recognition demonstrate our continuous commitment to data security, specifically client data, systems and processes.

Any data sent to us is transferred through a dedicated fibre broadband leased line, which is the same system used by the financial services sector.

Our leased line is not shared with any other user and allows a private, dedicated flow of information, meaning secure data transfer is guaranteed at all times. We also have significant business continuity and backup solutions. To find out more about our accreditations, please click here. 

What’s the difference between strict and intelligent verbatim?

  • Strict verbatim
    When it is important to not only capture what is said, but also the manner in which it was spoken, including every “erm” and “uh”, and pause and stutter, Strict Verbatim is required.

    Intelligent verbatim
    Suitable for almost every scenario, our transcribers intelligently transcribe your audio, meaning the pauses and “ums” and “ahs” that would be captured in Strict Verbatim, will be removed and cleaned without altering the meaning of the text, but instead making it easier to read and understand.

    Time Stamps
    As standard, we include timestamps at any point when the audio is unclear and we’re unable to determine what the speaker is saying. We can also provide regular timestamps throughout the transcript if you need them.


Our Audio eDiscovery Solution

With our Audio eDiscovery solution, you can upload multiple audio files spanning hundreds or thousands of hours of audio to produce a single searchable online library. Using phonetic indexing, our system lets you perform exact and broad match word or phrase searches in seconds, with up to 90% confidence scores on the results.

Sometimes referred to as a ‘first pass’ review, using our system means that the otherwise unmanageable and hugely expensive task of listening to and transcribing thousands of hours of data can now become targeted and intelligence-led, allowing you to adhere to your budget and timelines.

To find out more about the Language Insight approach, visit our Audio eDiscovery page.


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