As we get nearer to the Love Island final we thought we’d translate the most common words and phrases used on Love Island this year as well as the previous years!

From ‘mugged off’ to ‘I’m loyal babe’ learn the Love Island lingo below!

I’m loyal babe

Definition: An expression used to make oneself feel better after being well…not very loyal.

As in: When Georgia tried to kiss Jack (who was coupled up with her ‘best mate’ Laura) and then forgot to mention it when they both got back to the villa… but remember guys SHE’S LOYAL BABE! ‘I’m loyal babe’ has been used by Georgia that many times it’s the equivalent of last years ‘I was in the blazing squad’ (Marcel) or ‘I was Miss GB’ (Zara) from the year before that!

Mugged off

Definition: To be treated disrespectfully. ‘Muggy’ is also used as an adjective to describe someone who is being sly or disrespectful.

As in: When Laura said she felt mugged off when Wes dumped her for Megan.

All my eggs in one basket

Definition: Where you invest all your hope and energy in one person (aka one basket) or on numerous different recipients if you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

As in: Sam said he wasn’t putting all his eggs in one basket when it came to Samira. And Georgia said her eggs haven’t landed in any baskets yet when the two new boys, Kieran and Idris, came into the villa.


Definition: To put in some hard work to get the romantic attention of the girl/guy who you like.

As in: Wes was grafting Megan to get her to recouple with him again.


Definition: Someone who is acting soppy over a girl/guy.

As in: Jack said he doesn’t want to sound like melt but that he has fallen for Dani.


Definition: To be rejected by a member of the opposite sex. The first time the term was used in series 4 was when Alex was ‘pied’ by all the girls in the first episode when no one stepped forward for him.

As in: When new Jack pied Laura for new Laura (confusing we know!)

My type on paper

Definition: When someone matches your exact idea partner, usually looks wise.

As in: When Ellie asked Charlie what his type was on paper and said he fits her usual type on paper.

The Do Bits Society AKA The DBS

Definition: The DBS is a Love Island society created originally by Wes after getting rather close (to put it politely) with Laura. Islanders must pass a certain level of intimacy with their partner before they can join the club.

Wes has revealed so far that these are the official members of The Do Bits Society: Wes, Laura, Rosie, Adam, Eyal, Megan, Josh, Georgia, Jack, New Jack and Doctor Alex might become a member very soon!


Definition: To be sly or betray someone.

As in: Rosie called Adam Snakey when he spoke badly of her to Wes.

Crack on

Definition: To begin a romantic relationship with another person.

As in: When Josh decided to crack on with Kaz instead of Georgia.

Sticking it on

To stick it on – verb

Definition: An early stage of a Love Island courtship. Can be used instead of ‘graft’ and is when someone comes onto another person e.g. flirting excessively with the goal of recoupling with them.


Definition: To be passive aggressive towards a person.

As in: Dani got salty with Jack’s ex, Ellie, when she came into the villa.


Definition: The feeling of anxiousness or paranoia, typically used when a newbie is about to enter the villa.

As in: Georgia was feeling prangy when she was coupled up with Josh and he spent a few days in Casa Amor.

Rate you as a person 

Definition: A way of letting someone down gently or a nice way of saying you aren’t interested. Poor Alex has heard this phrase the most in the villa from Samira, Megan, Ellie, Charlie and Grace!

As in: Ellie said she really rated Alex as a person but she didn’t want to force a romantic connection.

There you have it: you’re now fluent in the language of Love Island!

If you’ve heard some phrases on this years Love Island that we haven’t included please share on social media and don’t forget to tag us (@languageinsight), we’d love to hear them along with who you’re voting for to win – we aren’t saying any names for who Language Insight are voting for…DANI AND JACK!!!