In today’s world, it’s unusual for a business to operate without an accompanying website. But, if you want to take your company global, it’s not a case of ‘one website fits all’. If you want your transition to be successful, you need website localisation.

What is website localisation?

Website localisation is the process of making your website translate from one country to another. This isn’t limited to simply translating the copy (though this is a big part of it!). Website localisation encompasses translating the text and adapting the website to fit cultural requirements.

It doesn’t just end at simple translation as converting text from one language into another can sometimes alter the way the website looks. A piece of text translated from English into German, for example, may end up being slightly longer than the original. This would mean your website needs to be adapted to fit.

What are the benefits of website localisation?

There are two very key reasons as to why website localisation is vital:

  • Sales – First and foremost, effective localisation can really boost your sales! Having a seamlessly localised website can lead to a boost in interest, enquiries, and ultimately sales for your business. After all, isn’t it every business owner’s goal to make the most sales possible?
  • Reputation – It can avoid embarrassment. While it doesn’t happen all that often, words can sometimes have a double meaning. A perfectly harmless word in one language might turn out to be something slightly more unsavoury in another. Localising your website means you can avoid any mishaps like this. The same goes for signs and symbols, too!

Top tips

Here’s some extra info you should bear in mind when it comes to website localisation.

  • Don’t be afraid to embrace the unknown. It can be daunting to move into a new market with a different language and UK businesses are often slow to seize the opportunity. Don’t let this be you!
  • If you’re grappling with a tight budget, it’s not always necessary to localise every tiny detail of your website in one go. In some instances, just localising one or two pages can lead to a boost in interest.
  • You’ll need a professional service to localise your website in the best possible way. Using a free service just won’t cut it so step away from Google Translate! Find out more about what we can do for you here at Language Insight.