A Little Bit About… Audio Transcription

Audio transcription is converting the spoken word from a recording into a written text, so that it can be read.

An Audio transcriber can work in many different fields. Here are a few ways audio transcribing is used:

Legal Transcribing

Recordings made by solicitors, barristers, or other legal staff are transcribed when preparing documents for a court case, or when an interview needs to be in writing. Corporations, insurance companies and banks also use legal audio transcribers.


Most interviews nowadays are recorded. Journalists often record interviews and then have them transcribed for a newspaper or magazine article. A transcription makes an interview easier to understand. This is important if there is a lot of background noise, or the interviewee has a strong accent.

Search Engine Optimisation

Many companies make videos to put on their websites or other social media channels such as You Tube. Unfortunately, Google can’t crawl audio or video. Therefore, having the video transcribed means that Google can find it through the content and place it on its pages.

Your video will also attract a larger audience if it can be watched by people who might not speak your language, or who are unable to hear.

Medical Transcription

Doctors and other medical staff often have medical notes transcribed. They also produce reports and letters for hospital trusts and patients. Audio transcription in the medical field will always be carried out by a qualified transcriber with medical experience.


Often a piece of text needs to be transcribed before it is sent to a translator. Having a written text to look at makes it easier for the translator to get the job done. Videos are often translated to attract viewers in other countries. Medical notes may also need to be translated from English, as well as legal documents.

You can normally find a transcription service through a translation agency. Language Insight can provide you with a qualified and experienced audio transcriber. If you would like to know more about our transcription service, or a translation project, contact us by email or telephone. You’ll find the details on our website.