If you choose to outsource transcription services, you protect your staff, maintain turnover and save money, meaning Winter need not be the time of year to be afraid of.

The temperature is dropping and winter is setting in. We know this because some of the Transcription Global team have started typing with gloves on (we’re expecting the furry headphones soon!) For those of us who enjoy winter, the ice and snow provides the perfect setting for cosy nights in and seasonal events such as Bonfire Night and Christmas. However, for lots of people the harsh winters that we are currently experiencing makes getting to work not only difficult, but potentially dangerous.

Outsource transcription services

If this year’s winter is going to be like last year’s as we expect, the ice and snow will no doubt cause havoc to cyclists, drivers and people who commute by train or bus. With this in mind, Transcription Global have a solution that allays any fears you or your staff may have about disruption to working routines and potential loss of business.

Don’t work from home, work from us

Why make staff risk that trek to the office in treacherous conditions when you can receive the same quality of service from our expert transcriptionists and typists? Our team of Project Coordinators are there to maintain effective communication with you and your staff by phone or email, meaning that running your business from our office instead of yours isn’t going to be disrupted by lack of face to face meetings. Dictating to us directly, or sending your files to us securely to be transcribed, allows your staff to remain at home, saving you money by outsourcing transcription services that are just as easily and cost-effectively undertaken in another location.

Are you worried that your business might be swamped as Christmas approaches and half of your staff have been granted leave? The Transcription Global team will be working in the run up to Christmas Day, and due to the nature of our business, all our Project Coordinators are required to work on-call around the clock. This means that no matter what hours your business operates, we will be here to respond. You can upload digital audio files at any time of day or night securely, using an encrypted server to our database, giving your business the opportunity to gain the flexibility and control required to get ahead.

But what about security? Isn’t it safer to keep our transcription services in house? Not at all. Once transcribed, all work is then subject to a further rigorous quality assurance process at Transcription Global before finally being sent back by transferring files using a fully HIPAA compliant, 128 bit SSL secure file sharing system, safeguarding your files against both interference and any attempt at file manipulation. Automated email notifications are sent when files are uploaded or downloaded into the client folder, allowing you to track their progress and meet specified deadlines.

Don’t get snowed under

If you have had concerns about how the approaching bad weather might affect your business and staff well-being, get in touch with us now to begin the transition and outsource transcription services to a company you can trust. Call us on 01772 252333 or email [email protected] to find out more.