Medical transcription and dictation is one area where surgeries and primary care trusts currently have complete control and where money can be effectively saved.

Language Insight are aware that the current coalition government’s announcements of increased financial responsibility for GP’s means that budgets will need reassessment, and without doubt, money will have to be saved. The Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has announced the abolition of 152 primary care trusts by 2013, meaning the £80 billion NHS budget is going to be handed directly to GP’s. Practice Managers will then need to ensure that budgets and business strategy run smoothly and within the constraints of this difficult transitional period.

Outsourcing medical transcription and dictation

Here at Language Insight, we recognise that the drivers of change are financial constraints imposed upon GPs and the urgent need to redress these issues. We assure you that the current costs for medical transcription and dictation within GP surgeries and practices can be driven down, whist still maintaining – and even increasing – service level provision.

Real savings

The solution, therefore, is very simple – the secure outsourcing of medical transcription and dictation to Language Insight requires no investment as the system is fully provided for by ourselves. All that is required from the GP surgeries or practices is an internet connection and the digital transcription or dictation of audio. This can be done on iPhones, Blackberry’s or traditional digital dictation machines. The impacts of such a service in a time of financial constraint should not be disregarded. Language Insight use only qualified and experienced, UK based medical secretarial staff, so rest assured that this is not an inferior option.

If cost savings really do catch your attention, then the outsourcing of medical transcription and dictation must be seriously considered. For a full assessment of your needs, get in touch with us today and let’s discuss how we can really help save you money. Call us on 01772 252333 or email [email protected] now.

Image from NHS