We recognise that now is a significant and financially important time for all businesses large and small alike, which is why we are writing to tell you about how Transcription Global can help you streamline your business by outsourcing digital transcription and dictation services.

What are the cost savings?

With the increase in VAT now in place, physical office costs are higher than they have ever been before. Our focus is to drive down your costs by outsourcing digital transcription and dictation. There is now no requirement to retain the burden of additional staff within the office setting for digital transcription or dictation, no additional expense for staff sickness, holidays, national insurance contributions, pension contributions and general office inactivity.

Who is transcribing?

Contrary to popular belief, we are not outsourcing digital transcription and dictation to India or the Philippines. We also hear that companies like us take people’s jobs away – this is simply not true. In fact, we provide jobs to highly skilled individuals who would otherwise not have found their way back into the world of work. A high percentage of our transcriptionists are mothers who have recently left full-time employment as legal secretaries or paralegals in order to have children, and find the task of returning to full-time work stressful and financially impracticable. When such people discover the option of undertaking legal transcription or dictation from home, balanced around the needs of their children and families, they find it to be an extremely flexible and practical solution.

Where is the Security?

All work is transferred via a secure server and https protocol. Our security infrastructure can be discussed in detail as per your requirements at a later stage during which we can tailor our own system to work seamlessly with yours, but rest assured, it is highly secure.

We already have substantial experience in saving money for a large number of legal firms by outsourcing digital transcription and dictation services. Some of the client feedback we have recently received suggests that, because of the additional free space, companies are able to expand their fee earners within the same office space and therefore increase profit. Research and analysis tells us that the cost of typing dictation in-house is at least 50% more expensive than our rates at Transcription Global, and we can prove it.

Image credit: irrezolut