According to Language Insight, translation companies will become even more sought after and businesses will look to get more out of their services as China’s GDP continues to grow.

It was recently announced that China’s GDP grew by 9.1% in the third quarter of this year, reaffirming its standing as the second-largest global economy. With China now becoming the world’s biggest stimulator for economic growth, businesses will inevitably look to build bridges in this direction – but how will they overcome the language barrier?

Language Insight estimates that requests for Chinese to English and English to Chinese translations will soar in the next year, as smaller businesses and new start-ups struggle to navigate the minefield of audio translation and document translation on their own. The problems arise, they believe, because it is not practical or cost-effective to employ a full-time translator in-house, and even larger organisations with more money to spend will find that increase in business with China will demand a turnaround for translation services that even they cannot meet.

Translation companies are the answer

According to the Preston based translation company, the solution will be found in expert translation companies such as themselves, as they predict that demand for Chinese translations, especially document translation, will increase significantly between now and 2012.

Donna Twose, Owner and Managing Director of Language Insight, believes that clients need to alter their preconceptions of translation companies as merely language experts, and start to appreciate the business acumen that the best translation companies also bring:

“When we receive audio or document files to translate, we take into account the individual needs and demands of each and every client. We put in place numerous quality assurance processes as standard, and work with our clients to get the file back promptly and securely.

There is no doubt that the files will be translated accurately, that’s why we only employ the most qualified translators. But businesses have to look to get more out of their translation company otherwise they won’t succeed.”

Image credit: Philip Jägenstedt