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What is audio eDiscovery and how can it support the legal industry?

In today’s digital age, electronic discovery (eDiscovery) is a crucial part of the legal process. eDiscovery ...
Will ChatGPT transform the translation industry?

Will ChatGPT transform the translation industry?

In 2022 we were introduced to the capabilities of Dall-E 2 where realistic images and artwork ...

Language Insight announces British Red Cross as Charity of the Year

Monday 8th May marks World Red Cross Day and in honour of this, we would like ...

How to look after your mental health whilst working from home

The way people work has been changing for a while now, with more companies offering flexibility ...

10 facts about the German language

Guten Tag! September 12th is German Language Day so we’ve put together some fun facts all ...

How to Effectively Translate and Localize a WordPress Website

WordPress is no longer just a simple blogging platform. You can use WordPress to create any ...

5 must-read books to celebrate Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation Month which is an initiative that celebrates women in the translation ...

Advice for budding translators

As we draw into the new academic year we bring to you some advice for budding ...

Translation services: How do you benchmark quality?

Translation services are a key requirement for a wide range of industries who need to connect ...


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