You’ll often see desktop publishing and translation offered as a service by a translation company. If you have web pages, brochures, instruction manuals, sales letters, legal documents or books that need to be read by people in another country then it’s crucial to have them translated for the readers ease.

It’s not all about Translation

If you want your web or document translation to look like it’s an original copy, there are other things to think about apart from having the words translated from one language into another. The design, style, images and colours need to be adapted to meet cultural differences. Font sizes may also have to be changed as well as the layout of the document to ensure that the text and any images look professional.

Design and Layout

Desktop publishing takes care of these things. For example, if you are having a brochure translated from English into Arabic, the layout of the brochure will have to be changed to accommodate writing that goes from right to left. The brochure can also end up being larger or smaller because some translations will reduce the text, such as a language like Japanese, or increase text like Spanish or German.

Important Changes

Studies show that businesses and consumers have more trust in a document that is presented to them in their own language and which reflects their culture.  If you are translating text from English, don’t forget the changes you may need to make to colours and images. For example, it’s no good having an image of a woman driving along in a sports car with the wind catching her long hair, if you are targeting an Arab country. In Saudi Arabia, women are prohibited from driving, so that image wouldn’t be appropriate and it would need to changed.

A Perfect Copy

Desktop publishing makes sure that your document suits the target language perfectly, with text and images that look like an original document and not something that has been translated.  A document that has been translated using desktop publishing will have appropriate changes to font sizes, columns, rows, with re-sized text, graphics and images. Desktop publishing software is also versatile and can produce documents from most file types including PDF, Word, Adobe and InDesign.

Desktop Publishing Services from a Reliable Translation Company

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