When it comes to moving into new markets, accurate and effective translation is always vital. It’s particularly important in the tourism sector, and here’s why:

Potential customers can find you more easily

Let’s face it, the travel and tourism sector is an overcrowded place. In the sea of competitors, you want potential customers to be able to find you with ease. Translating your content accurately is one of the best ways you can do this. When consumers type into their search engines they will be presented with a list of results in their native language, so to stand a chance of attracting travellers your website needs to be in their native language too.

Professional translation boosts trust

A study conducted in 2013 highlights that Britons are unlikely to book through websites with more grammar and spelling. Websites that don’t have accurate translation can look unprofessional, which leads consumers to question what other areas of the service will be lacking too.

Travel requires a big investment

Unless you’re just going down the road, most holidays can become quite expensive. There are flights to book, hotel rooms to reserve, excursions to plan, all of which can soon add up. Potential customers are unlikely to hand over their card details if they’re unimpressed by the poorly translated copy on your website.

Language barriers can put travellers off

While it’s unrealistic to expect every person in the world to know your native language, many consumers want to feel reassured that the company they book with will have at least a basic understanding of their language. Language barriers can make people feel uncomfortable and hinder the enjoyment of a holiday, so potential customers need to feel reassured.

It’s not just important for customers

If you’re in the tourism industry, the chances are you will be communicating with vendors who are overseas, too. Creating package holidays, in particular, will require collaboration. For this reason, you’ll not only need translation but interpreting services too.

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