Language Insight is expanding its translation offering to include even more services tailored to certain industries.

Clients can already make use of translation services designed for the market research, medical, legal, business and finance sectors, as well as take advantage of website translation or translation for students and universities. Each of these services is unique and has been designed to best serve the needs of the industry it caters too.

Now, Language Insight is expanding this offering further, with even more industry-specific translation services. For each industry, customers can choose from audio or document translation and can select from practically every major world language to translate into or out of.

The first translation service to be added to the list has been designed for the oil and gas sector. This is one of the largest industries in the world and is the very definition of multinational. A single oil and gas supply chain can stretch all the way from a drilling platform on one continent to a head office on another. As a result, the people working on a single project might speak dozens of languages between them, so translation is a vital service.

Among the oil and gas translations Language Insight provides are product, operation and training manuals, environmental impact assessments, technical proposals, drilling expedition reports, legal and business contracts and tenders. All translations are produced by a linguist with experience working in the oil and gas sector, which is vital as it means they are familiar with some of the technical terminology used by the industry.

Where possible, clients’ translations will also be assigned to a translator who is based in the country where the client’s target language is spoken. This means the resulting translation will be localised for the intended audience, taking into account factors including the currency and units of measurement.

You can find out more about our oil and gas translation services here, and remember to check the ‘Other Services‘ tab in the translation area of our website for all the other new services as we add them.