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At the heart of the document translation service we offer is localisation. This is the practice of not just changing the words of a document from one language to another, but ensuring that it is altered to suit the target readership. This might mean altering the typography, measurement units, slang or idioms so that the message of the original document is understood correctly in the target language.

We report regularly on some of the translation mishaps that have hindered even the biggest companies. For example, there was the American frozen food manufacturer that launched its range of mini quiches without realising that its slogan “Petite bites. Big compliments” wouldn’t translate well in France, where “petite bites” means “little dicks”.

If a native French speaker had been consulted about this slogan, they would have known immediately there was an error. They could also have suggested something more suitable.

That’s why Language Insight strives to hire translators who are based in the countries where our clients’ source languages are spoken. It means that they will be fully up to date with all the latest developments in the language and so will produce the most effective translation for the chosen market.

In addition to document translation, Language Insight also provides audio translation services. These are extremely popular with our market research clients, who use them to translate research gathered from around the world. Unlike document translation, when translating audio files they are usually translated verbatim in order to ensure that the words of the speaker are reproduced faithfully.

Many of our translators work remotely, which means they have the comfort of working from home and a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to fitting their work around their other commitments.

The main quality we look for in our translators is excellent language skills. We also regularly employ transcriptionists to join our team of transcribers working on English dictations.

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