Cartographer Eric Fischer has mapped the languages of Twitter users’ web browsers using the social network’s API. The result is stunning.

Twitter transcends physical borders. With the invention of the internet, we can now communicate instantaneously with people thousands of miles away without ever leaving our homes. The development of automatic translation features now means we can even communicate with people who are speaking another language without having to learn it.

This map by Eric Fischer attempts to track the virtual borders which separate internet users, specifically those using Twitter. Each colour signifies a unique language, and areas of darkness denote sparse populations. It’s fascinating to see how languages overlap and blur at the physical boundaries of each country. In predominantly monolingual countries such as the USA, it is still possible to see pockets of foreign speakers in cultural melting pots such as New York and Texas.

Download the full size map here.

Can you find your country on the map? Are there any surprises? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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