It’s been nearly four months since the court interpreting contract with ALS officially began. So what should the MoJ do now?

The court interpreting contract between the Ministry of Justice (MoJ ) and translation agency Applied Language Solutions (ALS) has been fraught with controversy. Professional interpreters have refused to work under the new conditions, and ALS has been accused of allocating unqualified and inexperienced linguists in court cases. Judges and solicitors are up in arms at the huge delays and costs incurred as a result of absent, late or incompetent interpreters. Things have to change, but what needs to be done? What should the MoJ do now?

We want you to vote in our Facebook poll. There are three options to choose from, these are:

  • Tear up the contract and start again. It’s just not working.
  • Revert back to the old system. It worked just fined.
  • Look for ways to improve. Just make it work.

Once you have voted, leave a comment underneath the poll, or better yet, come back here and offer your views in more detail. If you don’t have Facebook, or you would prefer not to vote on the poll there, just leave your answer in the comments below this post.

We want to hear from everyone, not just interpreters. That means judges, barristers, solicitors, police officers, we want to hear your views too!

So go on, what do you think?