It’s been two months since the calamitous MoJ court interpreting contract officially began. Storify tracks the events, comments and opinion.

As a language services provider, we have taken a keen interest in the story of the MoJ’s court interpreting contract with ALS. Alot has been said and written, by solicitors, senior magistrates, legal commentators, interpreters and fellow language service providers. Newspapers, magazines and blogs have reported relenetlessly, but some of the most articulate and poignant statements have been made with the least amount of words, and even no words at all, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube and Flickr. We have listened, sympathised, theorised and contributed in our own special way, and we’d like to think our views have been heard.

With events still unfolding, we thought it would be a good idea to curate and collate as much information as we could about the story and present it in on an interactive platform for the benefit of interpreters, solicitors, journalists, the media or simply keen spectators. We have accomplished this using a social sharing platform called Storify, which allows users to compile a variety of different resources from across the web and publish it to a live feed. Please visit and bookmark our published Storify, entitled MoJ court interpreting contract, but keep in mind that the feed is constantly being updated with new and historic information.