Small businesses are urged to explore international trade in Asian markets, but have they considered translation services?

Small businesses in the North West have been praised for providing “outstanding” examples of how to generate financial growth through exports. Lord Green, the Trade minister, has advised businesses to concentrate on Asian markets and has demanded an urgent resolution to the Eurozone crisis.

Government project

Speaking at the government’s National Challenge: Exporting for Growth scheme, Lord Green stressed the importance of international trade for small businesses particularly. He cited examples of such export by businesses in the North West as real, working examples to follow. He said: “There’s a lot of outstanding examples (in the North West). The North West is a strong economy and we all have got plenty of things we can work on. There’s clearly a need to invest in skills and there are conversations on that front.”

The National Challenge: Exporting for Growth scheme is part of a larger government project to encourage more small businesses to export internationally and subsequently drive economic growth in Britain. This comes after recent reports that long-term unemployment in Britain has reached record highs, and youth unemployment is at its highest since records began.

Eurozone crisis

The minister served a reminder about the severity of the Eurozone crisis, stating that the impact of not finding a solution would put many businesses at risk. He said more emphasis should be placed on pushing growing markets in Asia, home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies.
He added: “The job of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is to be there and support companies to look for opportunities and to make sure there is appropriate export business.

“It’s the job of bankers, lawyers and accountants to stick with small businesses and to point them in the right direction to help them. It’s very much a collective challenge.”

Clive Drinkwater, regional director of UKTI North West, added: “Less than a quarter of the estimated 10,000 medium-sized firms in the UK export, and most of those that do are already receiving help from UKTI.

“I am determined to drive up exports and the number of exporters in the region, and am setting a target of at least 1,000 new companies in the North West beginning their export journey with our help in 2012.

Translation services

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