Small businesses are working longer this Christmas just to break even – temporary transcription relief can increase profit margins.

New research reports that small businesses are working longer hours than usual in the busy lead up to Christmas, without seeing any financial benefit as a result. American Express and Costco surveyed 100 small businesses with two thirds revealing that they were working harder and longer to maximise sales opportunities just break even throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

Poor trading conditions

It is thought many small businesses are struggling due to poor trading conditions throughout the last year, with 69 per cent of those surveyed claiming that fundamental overheads such as stock were now costly than ever. Business owners are looking to the festive period as an opportunity to balance the books.

Spokesman for the Forum of Private Business (FPB , Robert Downes, said: “Even for firms that are going the extra mile, it’s very often just for standstill results.”

“The vast majority of our members have seen the cost of doing business increase during 2011. Energy price rises have been reported by 94 per cent, 92 per cent have seen rises in transport costs and 82 per cent have seen hikes in the price of raw materials.

Downes added: “Many have also had to absorb cost increases themselves rather than passing on to customers, so clearly this affects profit margins.”

Temporary transcription relief

Transcription Global can ease some of the pressure on your business this Christmas by providing some temporary transcription relief. You don’t necessarily have to outsource everything to take advantage of our services, as we can just as effectively work with you on a short-term or temporary basis. For example, you might be stretched to the limit with staff away for the holidays, if so, we can provide temporary transcription relief until your staff return. You aren’t required to sign any long-term contracts, so you can work with us as much or as little as you like at your own discretion.

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