Face-to-face Interpreting

Our high-quality face‑to‑face interpreting services are perfect for meetings in person. Meeting participants are in the same room as the interpreter, in a small meeting room, a large conference hall, or accompanying a factory visit.

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Consecutive interpreting

For smaller meetings in boardrooms and offices, consecutive interpreting is the ideal solution. Speakers pause after finishing their dialogue allowing the linguist to interpret what has been said before the conversation continues.

Whispered (chuchotage) interpreting

Useful for smaller meetings, the interpreter sits next to the delegate or small group of delegates and whispers the translation at the same pace as the conversation.As no special equipment is needed for these types of simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is free to walk around with the delegates and accompany them on site visits and factory tours.

Conference interpreting

For larger conferences or events, interpreters are usually sat in a soundproof booth at the back of the conference venue and interpret into a microphone. Conference members listen via a headset.

Court interpreting

We know you need the right interpreter for each situation. That’s why all our court interpreters have the appropriate qualifications in public service and legal interpreting. See our legal page for more information.


Interpreters need regular breaks

Please remember that interpreting is an intense activity and our linguists will require a break at least every hour. If your event is expected to last longer than half a day, two interpreters will probably be required.

If you need an interpreter or conference equipment in the UK, please contact us for more information about our face-to-face interpreting services.


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