In recent years video content has significantly increased and it is estimated that in 2021 1 million minutes of video will be streamed/downloaded every second. Video content can range from YouTube and social media videos to full length movies via online streaming platforms like Netflix. Not only is video content on the whole becoming more popular but the last few years have also seen a boom in popularity for foreign films and TV shows as Netflix are increasing their selection of foreign language films for viewers to enjoy. As a result of many foreign language films and TV shows, like Narcos and Money Heist, English-speaking audiences are getting used to subtitles  whilst watching their video content.

Subtitles aren’t just an option for foreign language movies though, all types of video content can benefit from having subtitles whether the content is already in English or not, and no matter how long the content is or what its used for. Subtitles can be used on social media videos, training videos, tutorials and more.

So what are the benefits to subtitling video content? Below we have 5 reasons why you should subtitle your videos:


  1. You make your content more accessible to those who are hard of hearing
    In the UK there are 11 million people who are hard of hearing. By adding subtitles to your videos you are making your content more inclusive and accessible to a wider audience. However, it is not only people who are hard of hearing who may require subtitles as many people prefer to watch videos without the sound, especially if they are in public where they are unable to play the sound on their phones.
  2. Subtitles make your video content available in foreign languages
    If you’re looking to make your existing video content available in additional languages then subtitling is a great alternative to dubbing/voiceover. Subtitling allows foreign audiences to follow along with the video content in their own language in a simple and easy way, and it is also often the more cost effective option for people who want their videos translated into multiple languages. All subtitling projects begin at the same point: they need a full transcript of the original audio, complete with timestamps. This is then carefully translated into the target language. Some languages are known for having longer words than others (German for example) so it is important to use a Language Service Provider who can make sure the subtitles fit within any character restrictions, whilst also making sure the key points are given to the audience.
  3. Subtitles reinforce the message behind your video content
    Using subtitles on your videos helps your audience follow along with your content more easily as people prefer to receive information in different ways. Some people prefer a visual presentation and some prefer listening to audio. By having subtitles alongside your video’s audio you can give your audience a better chance at retaining the information in your content by presenting them the information in more than one way.
  4. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without audio
    As video content on social media increases, many viewers prefer watching videos that don’t require sound. In fact 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. Facebook videos auto-play without sound until the user clicks to turn up the volume, and Instagram videos only auto-play with sound if the phone’s ringer is turned on. If your videos have no subtitles then your audience may click off your video as they wont be able to engage with it. Having subtitles on your videos by default makes sure that everyone can engage with your videos, whether they listen to the audio or not.
  5. Subtitles benefit your marketing & SEO
    As video content is obviously not text-based it can be difficult for search engines like Google to crawl your video content and see what they content is about. By adding subtitles that include your keywords, search engines are able to see the subject matter of your videos and can therefore rank your content accordingly. This will help your videos get more impressions and reach a wider audience, resulting in more views and higher ROI.

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