As a company with its HQ in Preston and an office in London, we hear a variety of different UK accents/dialects on a regular basis. From the Bolton accent that is widely associated with comedian Peter Kay, to the famous Cockney accent of Michael Caine, in this article we will be translating some different phrases from some of the UK’s most well-known accents!

Bolton accent
Bolton, UK

 Bolton Accent (Greater Manchester)  

’iya! Y’oreet? | Translation: Hello, how are you?

It woh crackin! | Translation: It was great

She woh raht bonneh! | Translation: She was really pretty

It’s crackin’ flags! | Translation: It’s warm outside

What yer on wi’? | Translation: What are you up to?

I’m spitting feathers ‘ere! | Translation: I’m thirsty

Wind yer neck in | Translation: Calm down/stop it

Ta rah | Translation: Goodbye

Wigan, UK

Wigan Accent (Greater Manchester)

 Is tha’ oreet? | Translation: Hello, how are you?

Wot thi doin’ | Translation: What are you doing?

Tha’s gerrin on mi wazz! | Translation: That’s annoying me

Job’s a gud un | Translation: I/they have done a good job

Babbies ‘ed an’ peewet | Translation: Please can I have steak pudding, chips and mushy peas?

Al si thi / Si thee int fog! | Translation: See you around

Uk accents
Newcastle, UK

Geordie Accent (Newcastle upon-Tyne)

Alreet Mate | Translation: Hello, how are you?

They went propa radgie like | Translation: They were very angry

Howay man! | Translation: Yay or no way

Wey aye | Translation: Yes, I agree

The bairn’s asleep | Translation: The child is asleep

Dee as ya telt | Translation: Do as you are told

Gonna hit the toon soon | Translation: I’m going to town later

UK accents
London, UK

Cockney Accent (London)

‘ello, ‘ow are you? | Translation: Hello, how are you?

Wanna go for a ruby murray? | Translation: Do you want to go for a curry?

Are you makin’ barney rubble again? | Translation: Are you causing trouble again?

Would you Adam and Eve it! | Translation: Can you believe it?

That’s a load of old pony | Translation: That’s bad/rubbish

I’m on me tod | Translation: I’m alone

av got a new dickie dirt | Translation: I’ve got a new shirt

See ya lay’er | Translation: See you soon

Liverpool, UK

Scouse Accent (Merseyside)

You alright la? | Translation: Hello, how are you?

I’m goin’ for a bevvy with me arl fella | Translation: I am going for a drink with my father

G’wed | Translation: Go ahead

I’m goin’ to get some scran | Translation: I’m going to get some food

Will you keep dixie? | Translation: Will you keep a lookout?

She’s got a nice barnet like! | Translation: She’s got nice hair

See youz later | Translation: See you later

And there you have it, a few translated phrases from different UK accents. If you know any other phrases you think we should know in any of these accents, or if you want to share any other phrases in a different UK accent, then please share with us in the comments below!