15-year-old Tyrese Dibba is teaching British Sign Language to thousands of people during the coronavirus lockdown through a series of free online videos.

Tyrese Dibba, who has Charge Syndrome, and is deaf and partially sighted, released the videos with the help of the charity Sense. The videos aim to tackle loneliness and isolation among people with disabilities, and to help people learn Sign Language whilst everyone is spending more time at home.

Sense is a charity that provides support for disabled people and they aim to help people communicate and experience the world. They believe that no one, no matter how complex their disabilities are, should be isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

Richard Kramer, chief executive of Sense, said: “BSL is the first language for hundreds of thousands of people who are deaf, and if more people are able to use it we can ensure that less people are left out, helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation amongst disabled people.

“It’s really fun to learn and an ideal time to learn, with so many of us stuck at home looking for new things to do.”

More than 7,000 people have signed up to watch the free videos, a number that Tyrese described as “amazing”.  Once you have signed up, a video is sent directly to your inbox every day, for 5 days. By the end of the week, you’ll know the basics of Sign Language!

Well done Tyrese, from everyone at Language Insight. 

If you’d like to sign up to Tyrese’s online Sign Language classes, click the link here: www.sense.org.uk/sense-sign-school