2019 marks 10 years since Language Insight was founded, and to celebrate we decided to host our very own festival themed party which we called ’10-Fest’.

10-Fest 2019
10-Fest 2019

The festival began on a sunny Saturday afternoon in Lancashire at a campsite we’d hired exclusively for us. Covered in glitter, our staff arrived and began unpacking their tents. This in itself turned into a team-building challenge as the wind did not make it easy to put up several tents!

If you require language services then we are the experts, but I’m afraid the same can’t be said for our tent-building skills…

About an hour later, all the tents were built and our staff had the opportunity to have a ride on the rodeo bull. Being the competitive bunch that we are, this quickly turned into a challenge of who could stay on the bull for the longest time with the winner staying on for a grand total of 46 seconds.

Full-time Lead Project Manager, part-time bull rider!

Once we’d all been beaten black and blue by an inflatable bull, it was BBQ time. Sausages, burgers, and chicken galore, it really was a feast but that didn’t stop us from munching on some lemon meringue pie and chocolate cake for dessert.

10-Fest 2019
What’s a party without cake?

Now that our bellies had been filled, it was time to get the party started. To keep in line with the festival theme, we hired ‘South West Band’ who came to play some live music for us in our marquee. The band were amazing. From 80 and 90s to current pop, rock and indie, they played it all and there was something to suit everyone’s tastes.

10-Fest 2019
South West Band putting on an amazing show at 10-Fest 2019

For saying how professional our staff are during the working hours, they sure do know how to let their hair down as the dancefloor was full from 8pm till 1am – with some party animals only returning to their tents at 3:30am!

It really was an amazing event and one that all of us at Language Insight will remember. Take a look at our 10-Fest video for some of our favourite moments…

Language Insight’s 10-Fest 2019