If your business has or is about to expand into foreign markets you’ll likely need translation services.

It can be tempting to look for cheaper alternatives, like free online services, but to give your business the best chance of being successful in new markets it’s important to invest in professional translation and here are 5 reasons why…

Expertise from experienced linguists

Investing in a professional translation provider ensures that you have access to both in-house and in-country linguists who have acquired years of experience working in the translation field.

Also, continued training is often given to in-house teams to enable them to keep up with the latest terminology and vocabulary meaning each project undertaken is completed with the cultural and linguistic norms of your target audience.

Simply put, the right expertise allows you to have the right introduction to your overseas target market.

Industry specific knowledge

It’s clear that using professional translation services gives you access to experienced linguists but using a trusted language service provider also gives you linguists with industry specific knowledge too.

Most linguists have 1-2 subject areas that they specialise in for their translation duties. By specialising in a specific industry, this allows the linguists to have a higher level of understanding of the technical terminology that may be used in the translation.

Having that industry-specific knowledge enriches the translations and reduces the likeliness of your company entering a new market with inaccurate translations, therefore, improving your brand’s professional reputation.


When it comes to expanding into new foreign markets the last thing you want to be worrying about is errors. More importantly, embarrassing errors.

Whether it’s for a new market or not, it’s so important to get the translation right the first time. It’s crucial to make a good impression and communicate your company messages and values to a new audience in the correct way.

Working with experienced translators who have industry expertise will ensure that your company ethos and market approach is communicated accurately to your new market, generating valued awareness and positive engagement.


The accuracy of your translation is important, but consistency in the quality of the translation is equally important.

Without consistency, audiences will not be given the tools they need to build a relationship with a brand. Inconsistencies breed doubt and unease which is likely to lead to a cold response for the brand trying to expand in a foreign market.

Working with a professional translation company that have the right provisions in place will ensure that every project is consistent, making sure your brand can maintain a positive reputation.


Investing in professional translation offers you project transparency that you would not receive by using cheaper alternatives.

Essentially you will know and understand what you are paying for. This wouldn’t be the same if you use a form of machine translation that offers you no information or additional knowledge of the translation process.

With professional translation, you are kept in the loop and are kept informed throughout the whole translation process.

Overall, professional translation services help you to reach a wider market, improve your communication in new markets and help you build, and maintain, a positive brand reputation.

If you are interested in the professional translation services that Language Insight has to offer then take a look at our full list of services here.