The business world is now truly global and nowhere is that more noticeable than in the e-commerce sector. With just a few clicks of a button customers anywhere in the world can access your products and have them delivered directly to their door, opening your business up to a whole new world of opportunities, so where should be you e-commerce target?

While global e-commerce options can bring endless possibilities for businesses, it does present challenges too. Firstly, where should you target? And then how do you connect with these target audiences? The role of language is hugely important in all aspects of retail and the written word is vital for online business. Language is what entices people to buy and in the digital world, where consumers can’t touch the products, it plays a significant role. Writing in a target audience’s language means they’re better able to connect with what you’re offering and are more likely to click through to the checkout.

With retails sales expected to top $27 trillion by the end of the decade, can you afford not to translate your e-store to reach new consumers? Here are our top 3 countries to target:


China’s already overtaken the US as the leading e-commerce destination, with sales expected to continue growing at a rapid pace. Firstly, your website will need a consumer translation and then a look at the structure. Chinese ecommerce sites tend to include a lot of product information when compared to western markets. Changing the content to be highly informative but still engaging, such as offering examples for use, could be the key to success.


Did you know that Japan’s e-commerce sector grew by 14% in 2014? It’s a fast-growing market place for ambitious e-retailers. With the vast majority of Japanese residents speaking only Japanese, translation is key to cracking this market. Customer service, loyalty, and deals are all important to the Japanese shopping culture and the language you use needs to reflect this. Words are usually shorter too, with the average having just 2 characters, so you can pack more information into your space.


Latin America, including Brazil, is a fast-growing destination for cross-border sales. In 2014 Brazil’s market was worth over $16 billion but it’s an area that’s growing quickly. The translation of your content into Brazilian-Portuguese is a must if you want to start trading in this destination. Security and credibility is a concern for Brazilian shoppers so text that reflects a trustworthy business, including being accurately translated and localised, can have a big impact on your sales.