As an e-commerce business you are placed in a unique position, with instant access to a global audience. However, although your platform is perfect for reaching worldwide consumers, without adapting your strategy, method, and even products to suit different regions, you will fail to connect with new audiences successfully. There are numerous reasons why e-commerce businesses fail to reach global consumers – take note of the ones we have listed below to ensure you business doesn’t make the same mistakes.

Not building relationships with key local figures

When entering into new territories it is important to build relationships with key business figures in the local area – getting employees, suppliers, sales people and media contacts who live and work in the region you want to enter will help to integrate your business more successfully.  Investing in thorough market research will help to identify these key figures and how to contact them.

Inappropriate products pushed for new audience

Successful e-commerce businesses will also invest in market research in order to inform them of the products or services that will appeal to their new audience. Without this insight, money can be wasted on launching with something that is of no interest to the target market, when in fact the ‘best seller’ for that region could also be something your business does offer but it was not pushed.

Bad pricing

Pricing structure is key to any business. When entering new territories it is important to adjust this accordingly to suit the market, rather than simply converting prices by using the currency rate.  

Failure to translate and localize content

Communication is a significant part of building a relationship with new audiences online, so when this audience has a different culture, customs and language to the one you currently target, updating your content appropriately can increase your rates of success. Without speaking to audiences in a manner they understand, or with the quality that shows respect, this relationship will not form.

At Language Insight, our team of experienced language professionals can arm your e-commerce business with global knowledge and translation expertise to ensure you reach your customers on a worldwide scale. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you succeed.