Any new business partnership should be carefully considered. Bad choices can have big consequences, especially if you choose not to go with a professional translation service. Translation is one area that a business must take seriously, responsible for ensuring that corporate message, client communication, and tone of voice remains consistent and relevant around the world.

If you’re looking for your next professional translation partner, here are some things to look out for during your decision process.

Be clear of your goals and expectations

One translation provider’s standards will be different from the next, so it is important to understand your own goals and expectations. This ensures that you can communicate them effectively to potential partners. Whether you need a basic translator for a piece of text, or desire a complete solution for your entire brand, knowing  your expectations will ensure that you choose the highest-quality translation partner that is suited to your needs.

Identify your market

Culture and communication differs from country to country, as well as throughout different industries. If your market is particularly niche, choose a translator that can cater to your specific requirements.

Request accreditations

Official accreditations can assure you in ways that sales-talk cannot. Look out for translation companies with quality assurance, internationally recognised accreditations to give you ultimate peace of mind.

Ask for evidence and previous examples

Just as accreditations can help to identity quality service providers from the crowd, case studies aid the decision making process further. Ask to view past client case studies to learn how the business helped them to reach their professional goals.

Look for genuine interest

A translation provider will work very closely with you and your business, responsible for taking sole control of your global communication and as such, your relationship with your clients. Only choose a professional translation partner that has a genuine interest in your brand, so that they share your passion and desire to help you on your way to corporate success.

At Language Insight we care about our customers, offering a superior, tailored and professional translation service to all of our clients. If you think we match up to your criteria, get in touch with a member of our team or request a quote to begin our journey together.