This April will see the publication of The Branded Gentry; a book about the gentry ruling the world today.

Every era has its own brand of gentry. This ranges from those born into it in the 16th century and the great landowners who followed, to the innovative industrialists who revolutionised the 19th century. So, who are the gentry today?

That’s the question asked by Charles Vallance and David Hopper in the new book, which addresses “how a new era of entrepreneurs made their names”. They are certainly the men to answer this question, with Vallance carving out a successful career as chairman of the advertising agency he founded, while Hopper has 20 years of experience as a marketing research strategist.

Among the members of the very modern gentry they spoke to for the book are Lord Sainsbury, Julian Richer, James Dyson, John Hegarty and Emma Bridgewater, who between them have left their mark on supermarket shopping, audio technology, household chores, advertising and ceramics respectively. Other brands to make household names of the entrepreneurs who launched them include Warburtons, Hiscox and Paul Smith.

Perhaps the best thing about the modern gentry is that everyone has the chance to reach its illustrious heights. No longer do you have to be born into a life of privilege to make a name for yourself. Instead, if you have a skill or an idea you believe in and are willing to work hard, you can live to see your brand become a national treasure – or even world famous! All the people interviewed in this book made their own names their brand, and their stories are sure to appeal if you want to be at the top too.

The Branded Gentry will be on sale from April 4th and will be published by Elliott & Thompson. You’ll find it in all good bookshops, or you can pre-order it online.

Language Insight is particularly excited about its release, as our transcription services were employed to transcribe the hours of interviews with these esteemed subjects. Needless to say, we know you’re in for a good read!