Language Insight has launched a new proofreading service for translations and transcriptions. To find out more, read on.

Free proofreading is something we offer as standard as part of both our translation and transcription services. This is part of our ISO 9001 quality management systems certification, as well as our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality products. Every transcription and translation we complete goes through these checks to ensure they are an accurate representation of the original document or audio file and contain no errors, such as typos or spelling mistakes.

However, we realised that there are occasions when businesses obtain transcriptions or translations by their own means – such as having them done in-house, or using a machine translator – and want to get them checked to be certain they are accurate. That’s why we decided to launch a standalone proofreading service.

Our new proofreading service is actually made up of three different grades of quality assurance, giving customers the option of choosing the one that is most relevant to their needs. These are Quality Control, Proofread and Edit.

Quality Control is the most basic choice. Send in your transcription or translation and one of our quality assurers will carefully read through it to ensure the content matches the original file and that it contains no errors. This is also a basic part of the services we offer.

The grade above is Proofreading, which is ideal for businesses that have had a file translated and want to be sure it is accurate but don’t have the resources to check. One of our linguists will go through the file and check that it conforms to your target language’s rules of grammar, that it accurately reflects any regional dialect and that it can be read easily by native speakers. They will also rewrite sections where necessary to ensure the best quality finished product.

Finally, clients that choose to have their translation edited can supply both the translation and the original document for comparison. One of our linguists will compare the two to ensure the translation is an accurate reflection of the original and may rewrite sections if they think there is a better way of translating it. Once they have completed their edits, they will thoroughly proofread the document before returning it.

All transcripts we receive will be proofread by one of our English quality assurers, while translations will be assigned to a linguist who speaks the client’s specified target language. Having documents proofread by someone who speaks the language they are written in as their mother tongue is imperative for getting the best results.

Where possible, files will also be assigned to quality assurers with knowledge of the subject area they are dealing with. For instance, if the transcription is of a medical market research interview, someone with an understanding of the medical terminology that appears in it will be assigned your file. Again, this is all part of providing the best quality results for our customers.

Having your files proofread by an expert gives you the added peace of mind that it is professional and reliable. You can then send it to clients or publish it in a brochure or on your website with confidence.

To find out more about our new proofreading services, click here.