Manufacturing translation and interpreting are the latest additions to Language Insight’s selection of specialist services.

Last year, we wrote about how manufacturing was one of the industries presenting big opportunities to the language sector. So, it made sense for us to custom-design a language translation service aimed at manufacturers.

Common Sense Advisory conducted research in 2012 that concluded that the manufacturing industry was something language service providers should be tapping into. In fact, the market research group estimated that manufacturers accounted for one-third of the total outsourced language services market last year. Of the sub-sectors the industry covers, electronics, automobile, machinery and pharmaceuticals were the largest contributors to the language industry’s revenue.

Senior analyst at Common Sense Advisory Rebecca Ray said: “Manufacturers face a huge global challenge that won’t disappear anytime soon: rising content volumes that must be published faster and faster in an increasing number of languages across multiple channels.”

Most manufacturing supply chains stretch right across the world – or even all the way around it. From the manufacture of the different parts and the assembly of these into a whole, to the launch of the product commercially, it’s easy to see why effective communication across the whole chain is such a must.

When a manufacturing chain links different countries and nationalities, translation services are vital. They help each link communicate with the next and ensure that no information is missed out.

Among the translations Language Insight provides are legal regulations, manufacturing processes, patents, service guidelines, technical manuals, user instructions, health and safety information, external packaging and promotional material, such as adverts for print publications. Verifying our credentials are our memberships in the American Translators Association, the Institute for Translation and Interpreting and the Association of Translation Companies. We are also ISO 9001-certified for quality.

Part of offering this quality is ensuring that completed translations are correctly localised. This means that, wherever possible, work will be assigned to a translator who lives in the country where your source language is spoken and who has experience working in the manufacturing industry. This means they will be fully abreast of any updates to the local vocabulary, and that they will be familiar with any technical language used within the file being translated.

Clients in the manufacturing sector have the option of sending either audio files or documents to be translated. The audio files may be of dictation that you need to have transcribed and translated verbatim. Language Insight’s Secure Client Portal takes a range of file types, and these are stored securely in a client’s unique area and streamed to the chosen translator. Our linguists all sign confidentiality agreements, so customers can rest assured their files will be safe and confidential.

To find out more about our manufacturing translation services call +44(0)1772 252 333 or email us. Make sure you also watch out for new translation services being added to our range all the time.