Language Insight is proud to announce that it is now a member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) – the only dedicated association for professional interpreters and translators in the UK.

Many of our linguists are already members of the ITI, and Language Insight joins them with an official corporate membership. All members of the ITI agree to adhere to its strict Code of Conduct, which means promising to act in accordance with the high standards expected by the industry body.

The ITI, a member of the International Federation of Translators and Interpreters, was founded in 1986 as an independent association for linguists employed as translators or interpreters. In addition to being the go-to source of knowledge on the industry, the organisation also serves as a community that allows members to network and discuss the latest issues to affect their work.

Since it was founded, the ITI has seen its membership grow. This coincides with the expansion of the single European currency, as well as the boom of digital communication technology. The world is becoming a smaller place, meaning translators and interpreters are more in demand than ever.

In addition to helping businesses communicate with potential clients and partners overseas, professional translators and interpreters have an increasingly important role to play in the UK. These linguists are employed to help interpret a doctor’s diagnosis for a patient, translate a Police suspect interrogation for court or accompany foreign diplomats to Parliament. Indeed, linguists have never been in such great demand.

This is reflected by the continuing growth of the ITI’s membership numbers at home and abroad. Being a member of the ITI is seen as a mark of quality, so Language Insight’s clients know they will get the results they want when they choose an ITI member to produce a translation or act as an interpreter for them.

Language Insight is pleased to add its ITI membership to what is a growing list of accolades, including being a member of the American Translators Association and the Association of Translation Companies.