Members of Language Insight’s translation department may have to get used to the scent of vinegar in the air, as they have moved into a new office in a former vinegar factory. The Malt Store is a Grade II-listed building, where Sarson’s used to ferment and bottle its popular condiment.

The London team oversees Language Insight’s translation services, and particularly specialises in the key business languages of French, Spanish, German and Italian. Since its formation in January of this year, the team has greatly expanded and required a new, larger premises to work from. The Malt Store in Southwark, London, was the perfect place.

This historic building was first used as a mustard works, before Sarson’s began bottling its malt vinegar there. In the mid-19th century, the building was renovated to allow the fermentation of the product to take place on-site. It was said at the time that Londoners could smell vinegar in the air as they approached the factory from nearby Tower Bridge.

Language Insight’s new office has room for the translation department to grow further still. The linguists are led by Adrian Gonzalez, who has a background in the market research sector and speaks Italian and Spanish.

The opening of the Company’s first London office in January 2013 coincided with its rebrand from Transcription Global to Language Insight. Since then, the business has expanded rapidly.

In this era of globalization, businesses recognise the value of language services. By investing in translations, businesses can take their products and services to a new overseas market. A translated website that has been localized for users in another country is a company’s gateway to those customers.

This September, Language Insight published its first white paper, ‘Why You Should Translate Your Website (And How to Localize It Too)’. The white paper covered in detail the benefits of website translation and other options available to businesses that decide to invest in it.

Language Insight’s team of translators is experienced at providing a range of language services, including website, market research and medical translations. The company also specialises in transcreation and localization, which are important elements in ensuring that a marketing message is understood correctly by the reader in the source language.

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