Facts International becomes the first UK market research company to adopt mobile technology for its fieldworkers.

Technology firm Snap has partnered with market research company Facts International to facilitate mobile uploads of fieldwork data from smartphones and tablet computers.

Using Windows-based devices on the move, fieldworkers can upload information to a dedicated research portal where clients can get “almost instant access to their insight”. The system only requires an internet connection to work, and it operates anywhere regardless of broadband speed. If it’s successful, Facts International will become the first market research company in the UK to adopt this technology.

Crispin Beale, CEO of Facts International, said: “Facts International is fast gaining a reputation for the adoption of new and innovative technology, and this latest addition to our technology portfolio means that we are able to offer an even faster, more efficient and effective service to our clients. With a record year predicted for Facts International, we anticipate a flying start to 2012”.

Peter Wills, Chairman of Snap, added: “Our proprietary ‘Mobile Anywhere’ technology provides the solution to the problem of data being downloaded only when ‘back at base’, and Snap’s innovative design means that updates to the questionnaire and responses take place automatically, providing analysis in real time. Questionnaires on mobiles can be just as engaging as those online with the full array of features including routing/skip patterns, images, videos and sliders. We look forward to working with Facts International to make the use of our windows-based mobile research technology more effective for their clients”.