Translation services allow small businesses to make the transition into international trade and tap into emerging markets abroad.

The UK government is seeking to boost the economy at home by encouraging small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) to trade internationally.

Most analysts now recognise that economies in developing countries, particularly the “BRIC” economies of Brazil, Russia, India and China, are growing at a far more impressive rate than those in most developed countries. With international trade now so enviable, the government is looking to provide any extra support it can to enable SME’s to make the leap, including a pledge from Chancellor George Osborne to provide £45m worth of funding over the next three years.

The government has been prompted to respond as figures from the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) department show that only around 3,600 of the 8,962 mid-sized companies in the UK actually trade internationally – this puts the proportion of British companies that export abroad at 20%, below the European average of 25%. Britain falls behind France and Germany in exporting to the BRIC economies, and even Ireland exports more combined. With the support of the Confederation of British Industry, the government now seeks to rectify this issue by getting another 100,000 businesses exporting by 2020.

Nick Baird, former UK ambassador to Turkey and new UKTI chief executive, said: “The UK has 3.4pc of the imports of Organisation for Economic Development and Co-operation countries but the only 1.2pc of the imports of UKTI’s 19 designated growth markets.”

Baird is confident that this can change: “If we can close that gap, that would wipe out the trade deficit and turn the UK into a trade-surplus economy again and there’s no reason why that shouldn’t happen.”

Baird puts the main reasons for Britain’s poor export ratio down to accessing finance, a need for UK processes to be de-risked more effectively for SMEs and a deficit in management time, expertise and confidence. Transcription Global has worked with many small businesses who have made the transition to international trade, and alongside financial and management support, businesses also need quality and cost-effective translation services in order to overcome the language barrier.

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