The internet contributes 8.3% to the British economy, and transcription companies are taking advantage of technological advances.

As it currently stands, Britain’s internet economy is the largest out of the G20 countries. Last year it contributed £121 billion to the UK GDP, performing better than construction, healthcare and education sectors. Overall, the entire G20 internet economy is predicted to reach $4 trillion in 2016, which is almost double what it was in 2010.

As well as more traditional online businesses such as e-commerce retailers, design and technology agencies, transcription companies such as Transcription Global make up a significant proportion of businesses that utilise the internet to function. This might be as simple as using cloud based services, FTP sites or even secure email to transfer files and communicate with clients.

However, unlike other transcription companies, we also operate a bespoke, file management and workflow system that allows our clients to upload any number of files at any time of the day, as well as automatic allocation to remote based freelancers depending on their availability and suitability for the project.

When doing business with international clients, or even clients in the UK that work out of hours, the internet is crucial for flexibility and efficiency. As the UK’s broadband infrastructure continues to expand, the capability of transcription companies to operate without physical borders or barriers will only grow as well.

Image from Uwe Hermann