Elisa is our Italian Project Co-Ordinator, and she moved to the UK from Italy to study and work. Now she is offering her tips for relocating.

Over the next few weeks, I will offer some basic tips regarding the big, scary step of relocating to a new place, such as how to be prepared before leaving and what to expect once you arrive. Each week I will expand on each piece of advice in more detail. I hope you find it helpful!

1) Although there are so many reasons that make relocating to a new country worthwhile, I have to say, some are a bit better than others. Think thoroughly of the reasons behind that big decision, and whether you’re doing it for yourself or someone made that decision for you.

2) The big packing issue: what to bring and what can stay at home without jeopardising your survival in the new country.

3) Relocate with that in mind: mum and dad are at home, and you are now responsible for yourself, the house you’ll be living in, cleaning, washing, eating, ironing, food shopping and so on. How do you feel about that?

4) As for the food, the big question here is: how good are you at cooking? Did you always rely on your mum making meals for you? In that case, moving will be a shock for you! If you already have some experience at cooking and providing food for yourself, you’ll find everything you need in your new supermarket.

5) So, now you have decided to move abroad. Is it for study, personal or work reasons? Do you already have a job there, or will you look into that once you arrive?

6) Do you already have a house to live in? Be careful when looking for a place before you arrive, and beware of the “too good to be true” tricks: they usually are.

7) Feeling homesick? Some advice on how to deal with it.

8) New hobby: spotting cultural differences.

9) It’s okay to brag about living abroad when talking to your friends. When they tell you “you are so brave”, just give them the “oh you know it’s nothing, I’m being very modest” look, but what you really think is, “Yeah, you’re right!”

10) Think of it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It really is and you’ll take this experience with you forever.

Next week I will explore point one, the reasons for making the move and the decision to finally do it.

See you then,