‘Lost in Translation’ is a new series of blog posts that describes my language learning journey. One language, 365 days to learn it.

Working for a translation company, I am lucky enough to meet people who speak many of the world’s most wonderful languages. Sadly, I am not able to speak another language myself. Sat in my corner of the office, I often find myself switched on to the foreign conversations surrounding me, but frustratingly, I am never quite able to tune in. This does not worry me so much, as my role in the company does not require me to speak a foreign language, only connect with foreign language speakers and those who require their services using the global language of online marketing and social media. However, I can certainly say that learning another language has long been an ambition of mine. Starting in school, I always felt a fondness towards French lessons, and for whatever reason, I found it easier to grasp words, sentences and even whole conversations in French, than the intricacies of maths or science in my own language.

Never a fan of new year’s resolutions, I resisted the urge to try and learn again in January. Now in March, the quest to conquer a foreign language has entered my thoughts again. So here is the plan. Starting today, I will try to master a foreign language in 365 days using whatever means possible. From traditional techniques such as translation dictionaries and tapes to the more technologically advanced alternatives such as apps and podcasts, I will give a complete and honest account of my experiences. Using this blog, I will share with you my journey from beginning to end, and I hope that you will return the favour and share with me any helpful hints or tips along the way. As I become more confident with my speaking skills, I will begin to record my updates on video and upload them to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

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Come back next week to find out which language I have decided to learn, and where I will begin. See you then!