We stumbled across this press release on a website yesterday. It looks like it’s had the Google Translate treatment. What do you think?

Feature album: Kate Miller Heidke’s Nightflight

Off a behind of her hugely renouned 2008 recover Curiouser, this show trained, piano-playing singer-songwriter who’s renouned for her brew of folk and cocktail with a quirky corner – delves low on her latest full-length.

“Nightflight is really a some-more unprotected and unprotected record than anything I’ve finished before”, says Kate. “If Curiouser was a playful, dysfunctional adolescent, Nightflight is some-more like a damaged, unhappy chairman in her late 20s. With Nightflight, we wanted something darker and some-more organic, some-more pleasing and some-more expansive”.

With a new army abroad accompanied by her father and associate musician Keir Nuttall, and her electronic side plan Fatty Gets a Stylist, final year Kate and Keir found themselves in a exhausted Queensland city of Toowoomba, vital in a home of Keir’s recently defunct grandparents.

Needless to say, a siege of Toowoomba weaves a approach into Nightflight, with songs on a record that hold on on homesickness, mortality, adore and surrender.

Nightflight from Kate Miller-Heidke is a Album of a Week on ABC Local Radio opposite a Territory.

Image from heipei