In this blog, our Project Coordinator Becky Bevan looks at equipment and tools for translators or transcribers.

Equipment is one of the most important factors to consider when working as a translator or transcriber. In the beginning, the cost may seem daunting when looking at the amount of equipment needed. However, purchasing good quality equipment will save time in the long run and in this profession, time means money!

When I first started working as a transcriber, I used a laptop but found this overheated after about 5 hours. Changing to a PC has certainly made life a lot easier. In addition to a PC, a good broadband connection is necessary to ensure that files can be downloaded punctually.

An email account is necessary to enable communication between yourself and the client. This is essential for receiving and returning work. A mobile phone is not vital but it can enable communication when you’re not in front of your PC.

Having the latest version of Microsoft Office is not essential but it avoids having to change the format of documents; this makes it easier for both yourself and your client.

Headphones are a must when working as a transcriber and I would recommend high quality headphones which eliminate background noise. Headphones should be comfortable, which is essential when wearing them for long periods of time.

The list of equipment may seem long, but the final vital piece of equipment I would recommend is a high quality audio player. Some versions allow you to rewind and fast forward audio in units of several seconds, which is excellent for playing back short sections of speech

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