Forget SDL Trados, we’ve got our paws on the latest CAT tool to hit the market. Check it out.


by Electronic French Fries

Cat playing hard to get? Instantly translate your voice into meows and get kitty’s attention. With over 175 quality samples from more than 25 cats, Human-to-Cat Translator dares to impress even the most ill-tempered sourpuss. Human-to-Cat Translator actually performs audio analysis on your voice (for reals) and regurgitates carefully bastardized meows according to your input. Human-to-Cat Translator also includes a 16-meow soundboard for instant access to common cat calls. Download meow and start speaking the delightfully irritating language of cats!

Available for free now on the App Store.

Okay, so maybe it’s not what you were expecting. But who said there isn’t a huge market for human to cat translation? I’m setting up my ProZ profile as we speak.

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