As it is Friday 13th, we thought it would be good to dispel 13 unproven suspicions about outsourcing transcription.

1. Outsourcing transcription forces people out of jobs. In reality, we work with businesses to increase staff productivity.

2. Outsourcing transcription is expensive. In reality, the cost is significantly less than employing typists in-house.

3. Outsourcing transcription is unreliable. In reality, we work around the clock so that you never miss a deadline.

4. Outsourcing transcription is not secure. In reality, we only use a completely secure file management system.

5. Outsourcing transcription is too much hassle. In reality, our clients have been surprised at how simple it is to introduce.

6. Outsourcing transcription has not been proven to save businesses money. In reality, we have provided clear cost savings based on real balance sheets.

7. Outsourcing transcription companies don’t understand our industry. In reality, we employ qualified typists that have significant experience in your industry.

8. Outsourcing transcription requires technology we don’t have. In reality, it requires minimal new technology, and often, it can be done using the phone in your pocket.

9. Outsourcing transcription has too much up-front cost. In reality, it needs miniscule up-front cost, and this is almost immediately recovered in savings.

10. Outsourcing transcription sacrifices quality. In reality, we are meticulous about quality and files go though various stages of quality assurance before being returned.

11. Outsourcing transcription is done off-shore. In reality, this is never the case. All our typists are UK based.

12. Outsourcing transcription lacks transparency. In reality, we try to be clear about how the process works and we always keep you updated by phone or email.

13. Outsourcing transcription is not as popular as people think. In reality, outsourcing transcription is becoming the preferred choice for businesses nationwide.

Image from *saxon*